Wall Convenience Store Shelving

Wall Convenience Store Shelving The picture above depicts a 8' single sided section of Wall Convenience Store Shelving configured with two sections and one end that includes: all the trim pieces such as front kick plates, base shoe covers, and upright covers.

The single sided sections are designed to sit flush against a wall as the wall will provide support and stability.

We have single sided sections available in depths as small as 12" and as deep as 30" with heights that start at 36" up to 96" and above with what is known as extension uprights.  Wall anchors are suggested and available for all heights.  Check with your contractor, city and county building codes.

Single Sided Section

Single Sided Section

To create a Single Sided Wall Shelving Aisle as pictured in the images on the top of this page you will use the Single Sided Section pieces below to configure your aisle length as the sections are available in either 3 or 4 foot sections and your will need an end to complete your aisle of Wall Aisle.

A Single Sided Section includes 1 lower shelf, 1 upright, 1 upright cover, 1 base shoe, 1 hardboard back, 1 kick-plates, 1 base shoe cover, 1 upper spanner, 1 center spanner, and 1 lower spanner.

Shelving Heights

Double Sided Heights

Upright heights start at 36", with standard heights up to 96" and beyond by special order and with the use of upright extensions.

Consider floor mounts and wall mounts when extending heights beyond 72" and beyond with small base shelves to prevent overturning

Shelving Depths

Gondola Shelving Depths

Base Depths start at a standard of 12" to 24" and up to 30" deep Base Depths by special order.

Upper Shelf depths start at 8" deep and run as deep as 30" deep.

 Convenience Store End CapConvenience Store End Cap

The Convenience Store End Cap is configured with the same components as the double sided and single sided gondolas.  As it is a single sided section in a double back configuration it can easily be installed right up against and existing aisle of double sided Convenience Store Gondolas.

Single Sided End

Single Sided End

A Single Sided  End is used to complete a Single Sided  Aisle. For example a 16' Single Sided Aisle will consist of 4 Gondola Sections and 1 Single Sided End to complete the Aisle.

A Single Sided End includes 1 upright, 1 base shoes, 1 base shoe covers, and 1 upright cover.

Standard Upper Shelves

Sold Separately

Standard Upper Shelves Upper Shelves available in two inch increments starting at 8 inches to 30 inches deep. Widths of a standard 36 inch and a 48 inch stocked in the beige black and dove gray colors. 24 inch and the 30 inch available by special order.

Available in all standard finishes, optional finishes, and custom paterns also.

Smaller shelves sit at a 15 degree up slope, flat and a 15 degree down slope. Besides the flat position the downslope position is best for snacks, chips, and candy with a 3 inch high front fence or a one inch high front retainer. The deeper shelves sit at a 15 degree and 30 degree up slope, flat and a 15 degree and 30 degree downslope

Store Shelving Dividers

Store Shelving Dividers Freestanding Wire Binning System Front Fences and Dividers for Store Shelving allows the flexibility in merchandising of smaller and lighter products. The fences and dividers for store shelving have welded on “feet” for attachment to shelf perforations on upper shelves. Fronts and Store Shelving Dividers may be used independent of one another to divides a shelf into sections of bins. 

Vertical wire are on 1" centers. Chrome plated finish.

Wire Shelves for a Convenience Store

Wire Shelves Convenience Store 

Heavy gauge steel wire construction, powder coated for long life and extra wear constructed for Potato Chips in a Grocery Store, Candy, Bed Linen, and more. 

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