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Store Counter 

As pictured above you can configure a complete counter system from front to back using Gondola Shelving that can be interchangeable with all of the Gondola Shelving through out the whole store.

Convenience Store Counter

Island Countertop

Island Counter Top can be configured in most any size and dimension using the typical double sided gondola shelving.  The island counter provides storage on the inside and merchandising or the display of impulse items, such as: candy chips, drinks, and more on the outside.

 In fact you can configure your whole Convenience Store with Gondola Shelving for everything form your chip displays to your newspaper and magazine displays saving you money as all of the hardware used to configure Gondola Shelving is all the same and once again interchangeable. Gondola Shelving can also be configured for counter systems that need to run in a 90 degree angle. Gondola Shelving can also be configures with back lit canopies.
As you can see in the first image above, merchandising solutions can be installed in front of the counter or in back of the counter as shown above with the candy cigarette displays shown in the image above.

This very top first image is a counter system that is 12' long with a wall gondola aisle that is 12' long also.

This webpage contains useful information, affordable pricing, and online sales about Convenience Store Counters configured with Madix Gondola Shelving that can be as long as needed, can be configured with corner sections to meet the needs of most configurations

Wood construction with top surface and edgework finished in choice of laminates. Available in widths from 8" to 48" and lengths up to 8' in one piece.

Longer countertops are joined at job site by combination dowel and “tite-joint” method insuring a smooth surface. Brackets are not included. One pair required for each shelving section.

Gondola Countertops are great for Convenience a Store, Gas Station, or Liquor Store cash register counter that will also display small products such as Candy, Beef Jerky, Potato Chips, and also Counter Spinners on the top of the countertop.

Countertops can also be mounted on to the top of regular store shelving and the countertops are not proprietary to our shelving. This means you can use any type of countertop and mount it right on to the top of any existing Gondola Island Shelf.

Countertop Styles

Countertop Styles

Three different countertop types available.
Flat (CTS), single edge (CTO) and double edge (CTT).


Countertop Brackets

Countertop Brackets

A heavy gauge bracket specially designed to support countertops shown above. One pair is required for each side and section. Order brackets 2" shorter than convenience store countertops.


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